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The Master & Meditation

H. H. Shivkrupanand Swami

is a living saint of the 21st century, a pioneer of the Samarpan Meditation technique. Born into a Brahmin family in India, Swamiji sought the true nature of God (Universal Consciousness) from an early age. Many years later he reached full enlightenment in the Himalayas. Having fully merged with the Divine Consciouness He descended to world from Himalayan Mountains with a pure wish to make us experience and connect with the Universal Consciousness. He travels to many countries teaching Samarpan Meditation.

Samarpan Meditation

is a simple way of Meditation which connects us with Universal Consciousness. It is beyond the realm of religion and is practised by people around the world. Samarpan means surrender (merging ourselves into Universal Consciouseness) so that we may experience connection with the divine.

With regular practice of Samarpan Meditation we become balanced; Samarpan Meditation has following benefits:

Physically: Restoring physical health and wholeness.
Mentally : Improving concentration and bringing inner peace.
Materially: Removing blockages to satisfaction and success.
Spiritually: A pathway to Self-realisation through the grace of Energy.

To know more about Samarpan Meditation please visit www.SamarpanMeditation.org